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Product Description

Item CodeBrandProduct DescriptionPack Sizes
1811Fresh CutsCantaloupe Melon Balls1/5 lb.
1812Fresh CutsHoneydew Melon Balls1/5 lb.
2139Fresh CutsVegtable Medley1/5 lb.
2840Fresh CutsPepper Jalapeno Diced 1/4"1/5 lb.
2845Fresh CutsPepper Yellow Diced 1/4"1/5 lb.
2858Fresh CutsPepper Poblano Diced 1/4"
2874Fresh CutsPepper Red Diced 1/4"1/5 lb.
3033Fresh CutsBeets Red Diced 3/4"1/5 lb.
3034Fresh CutsBeets Gold Diced 3/4"1/5 lb.
4158Fresh CutsSquash Yellow Sliced 1/4"1/5 lb.
4453Fresh CutsPotato Red B Wedge20 lb
4645Fresh CutsPotato Sweet SO 3/4"2/10 lb.
4665Fresh CutsPotato Sweet Whole Peeled20 lb.
4833Fresh CutsOnion White Diced 1/8"1/5 lb.
6070Fresh CutsJumbo Carrot whole peeled2/5 lb.
6071Fresh CutsCarrot Coin Cut 1/8"1/5 lb.
6073Fresh CutsCarrot Diced 1/4"1/5 lb.
6200Fresh CutsOnion Red Diced 1/4"4/5 lb.
6206Fresh CutsOnion Red Julienne 1/8"1/5 lb.
6208Fresh CutsOnion Red Whole Peeled4/5 lb.
6210Fresh CutsOnion Red Rings 1/4"4/5 lb.
6225Fresh CutsOnion Sweet Ring 1/4"4/5 lb.
6227Fresh CutsMirepoix Blend Diced 3/4'2/10 lb.
6228Fresh CutsOnion Sweet Julienne 1/8"
6230Fresh CutsOnions Yellow 1/8"4/5 lb.
6235Fresh CutsOnion Yellow Ring 1/2"
6245Fresh CutsOnion Yellow Diced 1/4"
6246Fresh CutsOnion Yellow Diced 3/4"
6247Fresh CutsOnions Yellow Whole Peeled2/10 lb.
6250Fresh CutsOnions Yellow julienne 3/8"4/5 lb.
6269Fresh CutsPepper Green Julienne 1/8'
6280Fresh CutsPotato White Whole Peeled20 lb.
6357Fresh CutsDaikon Julenne 1/8"1/5 lb.
6360Fresh CutsTomato Red Diced4/5 lb.