Dried Fruits

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Product Description

10765Dried Apricots7Tub
10770Dried Crannberrries6.25Tub
8120Dries Cherries, Michigan10Box
10775Rasins, Golden7.5Tub
10780Dates, imported5Tub
8140Figs, Black Mission5Box
10001Dried Strawberries*6.6Tub
10005Dried Blueberries5Tub
10010Diced Apricots7Tub
6134Dried Papaya5Box
8771Dried Mango Slices5Box
10810Dried Plums 6.25 lbs.6.25Tub
10870Dried Black Currants6Tub
6133Dried Pineapple Diced5Box
5986SD Tomato Halves5Box
8710SD Julienne Tomatoes5Box
9880Marishino Cherries6/64ozCase/Jar