Transportation & Delivery

With a fleet of over 40 trucks, we can handle any produce order across the First Coast and Coastal Empires.

Unmatched service paired with high quality products are what defines The Garden and that’s why The Garden places high importance on our fleet.

Whether by box truck or tractor and trailer loads, each of our produce deliveries arrive cold and fresh because we utilize the best truck refrigeration equipment available. With food safety being a top priority, we have found no substitute for purchasing and maintaining a fleet that allows for dependable and safe delivery of each order we ship. Additionally, we secure each load delivered at the time of shipment to prevent any tampering with our customer’s product before they receive the product.

Regardless of where you are in our market area, you can count on a timely, safe and fresh delivery with each order you place.

Our delivery personnel are made up of trained drivers who are educated in food safety and handling and are supplied with phones or radios to facilitate instant communication. Each of our trucks is equipped with a G.P.S. device to monitor real time location aiding in more efficient routing and delivery control.

The Garden Produce Delivery Locations